F4L Holdings

Finding Solutions and Fixing Problems!!!


We are a small, family owned business here in the Nashville area that strives to help distressed home owners find solutions to their problems. Whether you are facing foreclosure, tax liens, divorce, probate, or have a unique issue we are here to help!

We specialize in buying houses for cash without the need for repairs, banks, appraisals, or even realtors — because we buy directly from you, allowing us to pay more than any other investors around! We're experienced in resolving even the most complicated situations while creating a win-win for everyone involved. We would love the opportunity to help you or anyone you know who might need to quickly sell their home.

Call us today and let us see what we can do to help you!

(615) 560-6499


We believe in being completely honest with you about ALL of your options for your unique situation, we will work to make sure that we come out with a WIN-WIN solution!


We believe in the value of community, not just our local, church, or family community, but our extended community as well. We believe we have a personal responsibility to help those in need and we strive to accomplish this one homeowner at a time.


No matter your age, sex, religious afffliation, political party, or economic standing we will treat you with respect because we believe everyone should be treated with respect.